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I'm a team leader, community voice, and entrepreneurial-minded product manager with strategic vision.

I foster empowerment and open communication, and have focused most on engagement in user-generated content (UGC) communities. I really love to work as a close business partner to developers and designers, finding good problems to solve, and building stuff that makes both internal and external customers engaged (and even happy.)

I'm also a highly-praised people manager who is skilled at building creative and technical groups that outperform, and have deep experience in creating unity among geographically distributed teams. My arsenal also includes skills and expertise in cloud-based SAAS tools, crowdsourcing, community development, image editing and visual analysis, copyright and licensing, as well as search and metadata systems.

I've worked at multinational companies, as well as at early stage startups - including co-founding a SAAS startup that graduated from the TechStars - Microsoft Azure Accelerator and backed by a leading array of investors from Seattle and Silicon Valley. While I love to be nimble, I like working on dynamic teams and tackling good challenges both big and small.

I'm currently looking for my next quest --- want to learn more or discuss how I might be able to help? Contact me or head on over to my profile on LinkedIn for more.